Why I chose to become an Arbonne Consultant

My son Cody with our favorite pointer Pasco.

My son Cody with our favorite pointer Pasco.

One of my assignments after becoming an Arbonne consultant was to give 8 reasons why I chose to become a consultant, I chose 10!
1. I DO NOT want to sit in traffic for 2 hours everyday! Do I need to say anything else about that? I hate traffic!
2. I want to take my family on a “real” family vacation. Not that I don’t love and appreciate all of the road trips we have taken as a family, but I want to treat my family to a real vacation. It may be a trip to Disney  Land, a week on the beach, or sightseeing in New York. I can’t wait to let my family relax!
3. I want to pay off personal debt. I would love to pay off my credit cards, my car, and even my mortgage.
4. I would love to relieve financial pressure and stress from my husband’s plate. It would be fantastic to be able to set aside money for retirement, kid’s college, and those unexpected repairs.
5. I want to make my own schedule. I enjoy working and need to keep busy, but it would be amazing to do it on my terms.
6. I want to make friends. I guess it is hard to admit that I am lacking in the friends department. I want to develop meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime.
7. I want to drive my kids to school, in my PJ’s. I want to be able to drop them off, pick them up, and make sure they are off to a good start.
8. I want more time to take care of myself. I would love to workout every day, or go for a walk. Health and fitness is always pushed to the side.
9. I want more time to bake banana bread, can veggies, and make dinner for my family.
10. I want to read a book! Yes, actually begin, enjoy, and finish 1 single book.

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