A day in the Life

I'm going to retire this husband!

I’m going to retire this husband!

I started reading Retire your husband: a mom’s guide to making millions with network marketing by Denise Walsh. I found it on amazon and loved the title, and of course my husband loved the thought of being retired. He offered to be Mr. Mom right away! One of Walsh’s suggestions is to document what your perfect day would be. Mine would go something like this…
The alarm goes off bright and early, about 6:00 AM. Time to stumble downstairs and start a pot of hot coffee and wake up the sleepy Pruitt Boys. In a “perfect” day the boys would jump right up, but let’s not get crazy! I serve warm breakfast sandwiches and fresh fruit, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While the boys have breakfast and catch up on the local news I fold a load of laundry. Now off to school. No need to pack their bikes in the back, I’ll be home to pick them up at 2:45. Oh, and I forgot to mention I take the boys to school in comfy clothes with my hair in a pony.
I return home to a quiet house, switch the loads of laundry, crank the radio up and head into the office. I check my emails, my calendar, and give my to-do list a once over. I spend about an hour returning emails, making a few phone calls, and setting appointments. The dogs are getting restless, so I take a break and we go to the dog park. It’s a beautiful day in Colorado! Nap time for the dogs, shower for me. I meet a friend for lunch and we talk about family, life, and my Arbonne business. She wants to join my team! Yay!!
Time to pick the boys up. We get started on homework and have a snack. Kelly gets home and the boys are off to football. I return to the office to wrap up some business. The house smells amazing because I was able to start dinner about 3 hours ago. The boys get home and we enjoy some homemade spaghetti and garlic bread while watching survivor. After a yummy bowl of ice cream I, of course wash my face and curl up to a good book, and maybe a game of Uno? Night Night, I have a busy day tomorrow!
Check out the book here:

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