There has to be a better way.

The Pruitt Crew

The Pruitt Crew

There has to be a better way. That is what continuously flashes through my mind, bright and red! My first thoughts of Arbonne were not of the amazing skin care, it was the business that caught my attention. I wanted the business. I wanted to be my own boss. There had to be a better way! After pouring my 100th glass of chardonnay at a Mercedes car presentation, I had to find out how it was done.

I am learning each and every day. I am learning to treat Arbonne as a business, it is my business. So why do friends and family run the other direction when I begin to talk about my business? If I had opened a cute little shop in Lowry displaying amazing skin care products, I am sure that I would have plenty of visitors. They would shop at my business, tell their friends, and support my business. How is Arbonne any different than my cute little shop?  I jumped into this business with the expectations of my friends and family being my main support. I was surprised to find a lot of people in my life didn’t share the excitement I had for my business. Another lesson learned, reach out to everyone. Don’t be shy. You will be amazed in the responses you receive. Now, I don’t have people knocking down my door, but I do have a few people offering to take a look. I feel like screaming, “I’m not selling vacuums people! Don’t you want to look better, feel better, and make more money?

There is a better way!


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