My Classroom

do what you love

I happened to be looking on Facebook and came across a simple saying, “Do what you love”. I couldn’t help but think about my life and my new Arbonne adventures. I did not realize I was about to begin doing what I love. Never in a million years did I think Arbonne was going to fill a little void inside me. I void that I have tried to fill many times, my desire to teach and to make a difference in this crazy world. I always thought I wanted to teach children, but after a few semesters and a couple of classroom visits I knew that was not it. I spent time teaching and training in restaurants and grew tired of babysitting and teaching grown children. Now I get to teach woman about amazing products that will make them look and feel better. I am also teaching women how this business can change their lives. My classroom is a cozy living room, a warm kitchen, and sometimes a noisy bar, but that is just how I want it. I can teach, make a difference, and do what I love!


One thought on “My Classroom

  1. I believe that you made a great choice and just know that you’ll be a huge success..yes, teaching indeed in a world that you can bring so much positive skin and body results for your clients..I’m in!


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