Visible Results

As an Arbonne Consultant I have access to amazing before and after photos and stories from real life product users. I noticed a difference in my skin in exactly 1 day after using Arbonne’s RE9, and when I stopped using RE9 for a short week, my skin was not very happy with me. Thankfully I never have to go without again. Unfortunately, I do not have a before/after picture using the RE9, but I did manage to capture my worst nightmare, my heels. I tackled one foot with three of my favorite Arbonne products. What is so fantastic about the products I used on my foot is that my family uses the same exact products for other parts of their bodies too. No need to buy additional products just for my dry and cracked heels. Now presenting my very own before and after picture after only 1 day of love! Can you guess which foot I used Arbonne on? I can’t wait to see my heels in a week!

Can you guess which foot received all the love?

Can you guess which foot received all the love?

Some of you skeptics out there may say, “No wonder your left foot looks dry and cracked, you didn’t put anything on it”. But I did! I have a bathroom drawer full of skin creams and remedies promising soft and smooth feet. Here is what I did.

Left Foot-

Applied a half dollar size of Hemp body scrub, used a metal scrubber you commonly find at a cheap nail salon. Gave my heel a nice workout. After my hot bath I doused my foot in bath and body works cotton blossom.

Right Foot-

Applied a nickel size of RE9 for Men Exfoliating Wash, used the same scrubber and gave my right side a good scrub. After the bath I dabbed a small amount of FC5 skin conditioning oil on my heel and finished off with Shea Butter Hand and Body Lotion.

RE9 Exfoliating Wash.

RE9 Exfoliating Wash.

FC5 Skin Conditioning Oil

FC5 Skin Conditioning Oil

Shea Butter Hand & Body Lotion

Shea Butter Hand & Body Lotion


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